Affordable Housing Complex Planned for Bethel Area

Affordable Housing Complex Planned for Bethel Area

Published: 27/08/2018

EUGENE, Ore. – The Lane County Housing Authority, Homes for Good, is eyeing a property in the Bethel area for a new affordable housing complex.

Jacob Fox, the Executive Director for Homes for Good, said they hope to build a 40 to 60 unit complex on a piece of land currently owned by the Korean Presbyterian Church at 1600 Taney Street. Fox said they are working with the city of Eugene to partition the land so the church can sell it to them.

The estimated total cost of the project is $10 million. Much of the funding will come through the state.

“When we develop a property, we want it to be in close proximity to schools, grocery stores, and bus lines,” Fox said. “We really feel like that property has a lot to offer the community.”

Fox said this new complex with a focus on families with children and will be similar to their Bascom Village.

Neighbor Fred Gadsden said he supports the project and believes more like it are needed.

“Rent’s so high in the city that both people have to work and they can barely make it so it’s tough,” Gadsden said.