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Approach to Affordable Housing

Bergsund DeLaney Architecture & Planning, P.C. has been a recognized leader in the design of multi-family affordable housing since the firm's inception in 1997.  Projects range in size and scope from 5 units to 5-story mixed-use buildings, to 5-acre neighborhoods.  To date we have designed over 950 units of affordable multi-family housing throughout Oregon.  We have established a strong reputation based on our ability to design creative, high quality projects that respond to the vision, needs and budget of our clients. 

Although our firm portfolio encompasses a broad range of work including small commercial work, market rate housing and affordable housing for a variety of populations, our primary focus has been affordable housing for families and special needs populations.

Effective neighborhood interaction is often a critical component of the development process. Unfortunately, affordable housing often raises questions and concerns within the surrounding community. It is critical to meet with interested neighbors to listen and understand their concerns, answer questions and provide them information on the project design as it evolves. 

Identifying and designing for the unique needs of individuals and families who will live in our projects, is the most interesting and rewarding part for us.  With guidance from our owners, and often interaction with potential future residents, we strive to design living environments that achieve the highest quality of function and livability - balancing privacy and community, and openness and safety, amenities and costs.  Decisions regarding issues from site design to cabinetry design will be influenced by the specific needs and cultural characteristics of residents.

Maximizing the value of a limited construction budget is an integral part of developing and designing our affordable housing projects.  From the design of efficient unit layouts to the selection of durable materials, we work with owners and contractors to achieve the greatest level of amenities and quality out of the available construction dollars. One key issue that we have learned is that "affordable" does not always mean choosing the least expensive alternative.   The challenge in creating high quality, affordable housing is to make choices and decisions based on the long term value rather than simply the initial costs.